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Pitching qualified audience, boosting your conversions

24×7 BPO Services can help you boost your online advertising efforts through reliable and affordable Pay Per Click Remarketing Services that are aimed at targeting qualified audience and helping business owners reach out to prospective customers that visited your website but left without buying their products and services. Our experts design highly-targeted remarketing campaigns that bring back you lost sales opportunities and increase your conversions, sales as well as return on investment.

We work by creating a list of target prospects with common characteristics and buying patterns, before targeting them with ads. With us, your ads will appear on pages that may not be relevant to your product, but to your audience.

Remarketing Services with 24×7 BPO Services: Our Methodology

Helping you turn your marginal visitors into engaged customers, we ensure higher acquisition rates and lower cost-per-click rates. We are adept at managing Pay Per Click remarketing through Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook. Our professionals create an up-to-date list of target accounts, segment and profile the customers as per their interests and write engaging ad text that compels them to visit your store again and complete the purchase.

We offer complete range of remarketing services, including campaign development and management, ensuring that you spend money only on users that are likely to convert.

Our wide range of PPC Remarketing Services include:

Multi-channel Remarketing: To help you target the right set of customers with the right keywords and the right networks, we make sure that your custom ad appears at every network your prospective customer visits.

Dynamic Remarketing: Our experts will create customized ads, based on their interests and past shopping patterns. For this, we keep in mind the products purchased by your customers from you in the recent past.

Advanced audience segmentation: Our professionals will profile and segment your prospects, based on their purchase behavior, visits, engagement, etc.

Real-time bidding with remarketing: We will help you target your audience worldwide by operating at a time when they are likely to best respond to your ads.

Continual Tracking and Monitoring: Our experts will regularly track and monitor your PPC retargeting campaign, helping you improve your campaign’s performance.

We will also assist in optimizing your landing page so that your visitor doesn’t leave your eCommerce store and switch to your competitors to buy the same products. Furthermore, our experts will provide detailed reports, showing how the efforts are paying off.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you increase conversion figures and generate revenue through our PPC remarketing services. You can also write-in to us at to discuss your project with our experts.

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