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Working with 24×7 BPO Services has been amazing. We are greatly impressed to the core by the quality of work and quick-responses we received.

Thanks for playing an important role in our business, we would definitely want to continue our association with the team in future!

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We just don’t set it and forget it!

Pay per click (PPC) is a type of Internet marketing specifically tailored for search engines, where marketers only pay for traffic received on their site via clicks on advertisements. A well-executed PPC campaign can be the difference between getting an average volume of traffic and large amounts of targeted traffic. Therefore, finding the right PPC management company to handle all facets of your PPC campaign is of utmost importance.

At 24×7 BPO Services, we are equipped with certified Google AdWords professionals, to help you efficiently manage your PPC account. We bring with us experience of over a decade in managing PPC campaigns, and will develop a unique PPC campaign tailored specifically to your business requirements. As part of our PPC management services, we will constantly monitor your campaign, and will make sure we point out the areas of improvement as well as opportunities to lower your costs and increase conversion rates. Our team of experts will assist you in choosing the keywords with best conversion rates, depending upon your budget.

Our PPC Management Services include:

  • PPC Audits: As part of our PPC Audit services, we analyze your existing campaigns, find out the missed opportunities and provide detailed, actionable reports to help you improve performance and generate maximum traffic.
  • Facebook Ads: To help you leverage the social media reach of Facebook, our experts design highly-targeted Facebook ad campaigns that help you target millions of users every day and increase conversion rates.
  • Google AdWords: Our experts understand your target market and create effective Google Adwords campaign with the right keywords to help you get a better position on Google, drive maximum traffic and increase conversions.
  • Bing Advertising: Considering the rise in Bing’s share of search market, we efficiently manage Bing Pay Per Click ads to help our clients get new business opportunities and increase conversions and ROI.
  • Remarketing: Our Remarketing services are aimed at helping business owners drive users to their website who earlier showed interest in their products and services. We design ads for the targeted set of users, ensuring higher conversions and ROI.

24×7 BPO Services PPC Management Services: Key Features

PPC account setup: We will set up and monitor your PPC account settings such as match type, countries, daily maximum spending limit etc.

PPC bid management: We will take care of all your PPC bid management requirements, such as monitoring bid gaps and price changes as well as maintaining bid positions. Our PPC bid management team can use “clean data” to develop and tweak bid rules to ensure highest level of return on the money you spend on ads.

PPC monthly analysis: We will submit a monthly report at the end of each month which will provide a broad overview of your campaign’s performance. This includes data on individual keyword costs, conversions, performance trends and more.

Keyword research and selection: We will research your business thoroughly and use advanced keyword research tools to find the best and most profitable keywords to use in your PPC campaign. We will look for the keywords most likely to convert to a sale, and will also scrutinize long tail keywords that have the potential to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Ad creation: We are well versed with creating advertisements for a wide variety of industry verticals, and our experienced marketers will develop a sound and comprehensive ad strategy for you. Our PPC advertising team will make sure that specific groups of keywords, ad messaging, and compelling landing pages all work together in tandem to bring targeted and revenue driving traffic to your website. We make sure to summarize your message within 70 characters or less, which is the accepted norm for such ad descriptions.

Ad optimization and testing: As part of your PPC campaign, we implement multiple ads for all groups of keywords and then test the effectiveness of each ad. Our PPC advertising team will constantly monitor and analyze the ads to find out which ones aren’t working right, and build upon the successful ads. We will optimize your ads by analyzing the human thought processes behind the message you are trying to convey (in order to write appealing ads) and message discipline. We will ensure that your PPC ads are aligned with your business goals while taking into account Quality Score implications as well.

Landing Page Optimization: At 24×7 BPO Services, we will create and implement custom landing pages for you which can be easily customized and adapted to your business requirements. We will investigate variations on layout and content, and will then use multivariate tests along with A/B split tests to determine the most effective landing pages.

Conversion tracking: Our pay per click management services team will track your conversion rates, and modify your PPC campaign accordingly to ensure you get the maximum bang for your buck.

Campaign improvements: We will make improvements to your PPC campaign on a regular basis, which includes, but is not limited to, changing your title/description copy, making modifications to your keywords, and adjusting your bids periodically.

Campaign Testing: We ensure seamless transition from daily changes in your campaign to more comprehensive changes during your campaign’s lifetime. Our pay per click management services team will approach each adjustment as an individual business decision by using the campaign goals, performance data and testing results. We will constantly monitor, update, test and modify all aspects of your campaign as required, and will test creative changes (new titles, descriptions, etc.) on a periodic basis.


Contact us today for a FREE PPC audit of your existing PPC campaigns, and our PPC management services personnel will get back to you with a detailed analysis and a step by step plan of attack to ensure best results.

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