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Product Data Management

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Clean product data invariably leads to higher profits, while erratic data might make you lose your customers.

Absent, confusing and inconsistent data is the sole reason behind eCommerce sites loosing several sales opportunities. Incomplete, Incorrect, outdated, redundant, non-standard or erroneously formatted data needs to be detected and corrected. The goal of data cleansing or data scrubbing is not merely tidying up the data in a database, but also to structure it in a consistent and reliable fashion, present it from various sources, and make it work for multiple users.

Key advantages of product data cleansing include:

Fast-moving data supply to customers

  • Enhancing accuracy, minimizing buying errors and consequently lowering the rate of product returns
  • Removing duplicate or extraneous data
  • Enabling effective search via clean data and therefore accurate product discovery by customers
  • Consistent presentation of product data

To ensure that your product database is clean, 24×7 BPO Services uses a combination of human expertise corroborated with cutting-edge data cleansing techniques and software. Focusing on your objective, we make that sure your eCommerce database is:

  • De-duped and streamlined with duplicate and redundant data removed from the site
  • Structured and consistent product information with precise attributes
  • Enhanced searchability and discoverability as keywords get linked to products by attributes
  • Linked product database for suitably supporting up-selling and cross-selling of related items
  • Comprehensive and Informative with information on numerous descriptions and usage aspects substantiated with correctly linked associated diagrams, images, etc.

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