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Precise classification of product data is an overwhelming task for eCommerce Stores especially if you have large quantities of it. Owing to unstructured data imported from a range of data and web sources, for instance real-time data stemming from RSS, Twitter and other feeds in free form, disparate data formats, and incorrect or lost information in the product data pose a unique challenge.

Comprehensive product classification means apt and wide-ranging choices for customers, facilitating them with a well-structured logical catalog to easily navigate through the Products of your online store.

24×7 BPO Services helps you come up with a good classification system, ensuring that products are properly and consistently recognized, clearly demonstrating your largest categories (home and Kitchen, books and media, electronics, etc.) to the smallest attribute (colour, brand, manufacturer, product specification, quantity, etc.). Products of the same category on an eCommerce platform are displayed in a similar way a physical retail store merchandises products in a single aisle.

We ensure that the unique classification system that we design for your eStore lives up to the diverse customer expectations and search strings. Customers can refer to products using various standards like Storage Performance Council (SPC), Collaborative Product Commerce (CPC), General-purpose Computer (GPC), etc., or using multiple manufacturers and industry classifications. Cross-referencing products by means of variegated classifications supports not only customer search, but also inventory management and procurement processes.

With our Product Data Classification Services, we help you:

  • Classify product based on standards like UNSPSC, GS1, eCl@ss, etc.
  • Bespoke product Classification applying custom and proprietary standards
  • Products Classification into multiple product categories
  • Scrubbed and standardized product description data

24×7 BPO Services has years of experience in eCommerce product classification coupled with wide-ranging domain expertise. Based on the perspective and expectations of your customers’, we can help you assign appropriate categories to your inventory of products. 

If you are looking for Comprehensive, organized classification for your eCommerce Store, please get in touch with us.

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