Photo Clipping Path Services

24×7 BPO Services provides affordable clipping path services to photographers, publishing houses, graphics design companies, web developers, Jewellery and catalog companies to help them transform their operations. It is a hard-edged vector marking technique used to separate the desired portion from rest of the image.

Clipping path is mainly used to remove image’s background, allowing the usage of its key image for varied purposes. Clipping paths are created in graphics programs and exported with the image as an embedded path/alpha channel, for usage in desired layout application.

Clipping path specialists at 24×7 BPO Services ensure that all your clipping path jobs are given justified treatment. As a professional clipping path company, we provide quality and cost-effective services. The Photoshop professionals at 24×7 BPO Services are capable of handling any level of complexity in photo clipping. Our services can be categorized into four service levels:

Simple clipping path- Projects that involve clipping simple images (with smooth, straight edges) come under simple clipping path jobs.

Complex clipping path- Images with multiple curves, edges and uneven surfaces take a lot of time to make clipping path on them. Flowers and Jewellery are a good example of complex clipping path requirements.

Clipping path with shadow- Shadows give a more realistic look to the clipped images. We can add a natural drop shadow to your images irrespective of whether the original ones have it or not.

Clipping path with reflection- We can add a smart mirror-like reflection to the key image or subject to give a nice three dimensional look.

Experienced, Overall Support:

We understand the importance of attractive images for your business and therefore provide best possible image editing services to bring out the most satisfying results. We have developed long run experience in a wide range of multimedia and graphical support services to ensure upbeat quality and minimum turnaround time. We also offer:

  • Photo retouching services
  • Image manipulation and photo enhancement services
  • Image coloring services
  • Image background removal/change services
  • Picture resizing and image colorization services

Pricing Models: Every client has a unique requirement. Few find our hour-based pricing as more appropriate while others prefer hiring full-time resources while working on their specific requirements. You can choose the one you find more suitable to your needs.

Hand-drawn clipping path is an integral task for any design and specialty graphic-production job. We offer full service at affordable prices to our vast clientele based in States, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, Switzerland and China.

Please send in your requirements at, our representatives shall revert to you within one working day.

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