Bigcommerce Product Entry Services

bigcommerce24×7 BPO Services has vast experience working with sites running on Bigcommerce – so you can RELAX and concentrate on growing your business, while we take care of your product entry and data entry requirements. We are currently providing Bigcommerce data entry services to our customers in a wide variety of industries, including electronics, sports, apparel, baby products, home accessories, luxury watches, and more! Our experienced Bigcommerce product entry team will provide with you around-the-clock support, and ensure you get accurate and quality data entry and products uploaded in line with Bigcommerce guidelines.

  • Big Commerce Product Listing/Product upload: We can add your products to your store either individually or in “bulk” via a spreadsheet – both work for us. We make sure to carefully enter in all product related information such as Product Title, Detailed description, images, price, sale price, weight and so forth.
  • Big commerce Bulk Product Listing/Upload: We can upload multiple products to your website at one shot by importing via a CSV file. 24×7 BPO Services provides you with superior Bigcommerce product importing services. We make sure we fill in all the required columns in the CSV file (product name, category, price, and other attributes) along with other fields such as page title, meta keywords, meta description, brand name, cost price, retail price, product UPC, product class, etc.
  • Product Categories: Categories are one of the most common ways for shoppers to search for, and find your products – and we recognize this. We meticulously add each of your products to the CORRECT category/subcategory, and will even create and manage the category pages for you!
  • Custom Fields/Video: Sometimes, a listing needs just something different to stand out and be noticed – and we will add in any custom fields you require to your product page with just a few clicks. Some examples could be ISBN, language, publisher, published data, product dimensions, product-usage specific instructions, etc. We can also add YouTube videos to your Bigcommerce page to further enhance view ability and attract customers.
  • Quality Product Descriptions: Great copy is crucial to your online success, and we realize that at 24×7 BPO Services. Our team will write interesting, convincing and emotive descriptions for each of your products – stuff that makes an end customer pull the wallet out and BUY. We will also make sure to make your product related content/descriptions keyword-rich and search engine friendly, so that they can found easily via Internet searches.
  • Photo Editing/Enhancement: Product images could well be one of the most important part of any eCommerce website. We know what a major role good images play in increasing sales, and make sure that we will resize, crop, edit, remove unwanted backgrounds and more to ensure a better viewing experience for the end user.
  • Bigcommerce Price Research: We research the market price for each of your products to make sure you get the best profit margin from all your Bigcommerce listings!
  • Bigcommerce Product Research: We research each of your products in great detail and take care to put each product in the appropriate category and assign the correct category to it so that shoppers can find the exact product they are looking for without much hassle. We also make sure to research successful competitor’s SEO tactics and keywords used for specific products, and take cues from there to optimize your site!
  • Bigcommerce Order Processing: We will help you process your orders swiftly and efficiently, helping you effectively garner repeat orders and business.
  • Bigcommerce Inventory Management: We keep a detailed track of your inventory both at a “per product” level and also via specific options. We can also bulk update your inventories at one go by using the import/export SKU’s feature.

We will be more than glad to start our relationship on a trial basis, wherein you can try and experience our Bigcommerce product data entry and Bigcommerce listing services first before committing to a long term relationship. Contact us today, and watch your Bigcommerce store literally grow by leaps and bounds with very little intervention at your end!

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