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From day one, the 24×7 team has impressed us with their quick-response to our needs as well as their professional service. They made my first experience with offshore data entry a successful one which I would love to repeat in the future.


Benno MarbachJAC, Switzerland

Quick, efficient and accurate processing of orders builds a business’s reputation and helps it attract more customers and clients. 24x7bposervices.com’s end to end Order Processing Services will aid you in attaining these objectives effortlessly and cost-effectively. Our professionals are experienced, well trained and completely reliable. Make us your Order Processing Services outsourcing partner and see your profits soar.

Outsource Order Processing Services to 24x7bposervices.com:

  • At 24x7bposervices.com we process orders employing a judicious combination of order processing software and manual intervention.
  • We are extremely meticulous and will validate and authenticate your orders quickly and without errors. We will enter the items’ names, quantity, price, order tracking number, etc. with a nearly one hundred per cent accuracy.
  • We will take care of payment processing. We will generate invoices and oversee the processing of credit and debit cards.
  • Our Order Processing Services professionals will also help you with inventory management. We will periodically update SKUs, product availability and product prices.
  • Our professionals will periodically update your customer data like names, email and postal addresses and phone numbers.
  • The Order Processing Services at 24x7bposervices.com include customer support services. We will answer your customers’ queries, emails and phone calls.
  • We will take care of the dispatch of shipments. We will select the mode of transportation, print address labels and choose a shipping company. We are amply experienced in working with all major shipping companies such as UPS, Blue dart, DHL, Fed-Ex, etc.
  • The professionals at 24x7bposervices.com can process all kinds of orders – distribution orders, sales orders, blanket orders, backorders, split, auto-ship and complex continuity orders. We can both bulk or batch process orders and are familiar with all on-line order management systems.
  • Our services are almost 60% cheaper than those provided by other vendors.

Please get in touch with us at info@24x7bposervices.com to know more about our Order Processing Services.

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